The Time of the Unexpected

The CBC puts out a great montage every season for the playoffs featuring great moments of the past and present.

Meanwhile NBC leads into a game with an hour of Babar.

Crashing Back To Reality

Pat Lackey over at Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke has summed up the recent Pirates downturn pretty well:

A few minutes later, I checked back and the Pirates were down 4-0. This is being a Pirate fan early in the season in a nutshell; they string you along just long enough to get your hopes up, and then let it all come crashing down.

I didn’t expect the 2:1 winning ratio to stick, but after the great start I certainly didn’t expect the Bucs to go 1 for 5 at home. I guess I should feel lucky that not only was I watching the Penguins last night, but the Extra Innings channels that took over Center Ice didn’t have the Pirates game on. (( I could have watched on / At Bat, but hockey takes priority, obviously.)) First game of the season I missed so far.

Opening Day

Opening Day is here, so this is the next step in my baseball experiment. My expectations are low, thanks to the preseason, and the slight blizzard blowing through Pittsburgh is setting the mood. It’s impossible to see ten feet out the window, and that’s how I feel looking ahead to the season. There’s no clear path to where everything is going to go. (( Aside from the massive Root Sports rebranding, but that’s another article altogether. )) But at least I’m giving it a shot.

162 games to go.