Crashing Back To Reality

Pat Lackey over at Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke has summed up the recent Pirates downturn pretty well:

A few minutes later, I checked back and the Pirates were down 4-0. This is being a Pirate fan early in the season in a nutshell; they string you along just long enough to get your hopes up, and then let it all come crashing down.

I didn’t expect the 2:1 winning ratio to stick, but after the great start I certainly didn’t expect the Bucs to go 1 for 5 at home. I guess I should feel lucky that not only was I watching the Penguins last night, but the Extra Innings channels that took over Center Ice didn’t have the Pirates game on. (( I could have watched on / At Bat, but hockey takes priority, obviously.)) First game of the season I missed so far.