Wikipedia Read of the Week: The Haka

Especially of note:

Ignoring the haka is a tactic sometimes used by opposing teams. Famously, the Australian rugby team did a warm up drill well away from the All Blacks during their 1996 Test Match in Wellington and went on to suffer their worst ever loss against the All Blacks (43-6). More recently, the Italian rugby team ignored the haka during a 2007 World Cup Pool Match, and the All Blacks then went on to beat them 76 – 14.

I wouldn’t ignore this article if I were you.


The Tipping Point

Letters of Note, one of my favorite blogs, has gone comment-free:

All complaints should be directed towards a section of society to whom the concept of even vaguely civil discussion means nothing. This collective waste of flesh, bone, and dangerously limited brain function have caused me to dread opening each and every “New Comment” notification I’ve received over the past twelve months or so, to the point where I now cannot continue justifying the moderation of these imbecilic, repugnant grunts when it takes up such an inordinate amount of my willpower and, more importantly, time. I’d rather spend my hours happily expanding the archives of Letters of Note than clean up after a keyboard-wielding gaggle of cowardly, dim-witted, knuckle-dragging reprobates who have nothing better to do than gleefully splash their fetid saliva all over my efforts and then roll around in the puddle until I’m able to press “Delete Comment.” I refuse to waste another minute.

I think sooner or later there’s going to be a tipping point on the comment system as a whole on the web. It won’t disappear from everywhere, but will be featured less and less from places that matter and care about their content. News sites and link farms that depend on revenue from clicks will be the last holdouts.

Crashing Back To Reality

Pat Lackey over at Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke has summed up the recent Pirates downturn pretty well:

A few minutes later, I checked back and the Pirates were down 4-0. This is being a Pirate fan early in the season in a nutshell; they string you along just long enough to get your hopes up, and then let it all come crashing down.

I didn’t expect the 2:1 winning ratio to stick, but after the great start I certainly didn’t expect the Bucs to go 1 for 5 at home. I guess I should feel lucky that not only was I watching the Penguins last night, but the Extra Innings channels that took over Center Ice didn’t have the Pirates game on. (( I could have watched on / At Bat, but hockey takes priority, obviously.)) First game of the season I missed so far.

That's More Like It

So the new Captain America trailer is out. They’ve made vast improvements in how it’s edited and it now actually features the story, not just a bunch of special effects. And the difference is drastically clear in the sheer fact that whereas I was ambivalent towards the first trailer, the new one makes me actually want to see the movie. (( But not on opening night. I already made that mistake once (Spider-Man 3) and now it’s an honor reserved solely for Nolan-Directed films. ))