There was no football for me this weekend. The Steelers have their bye week and I, naturally, refused to subject myself to any more of the lackluster gridiron offerings of Boston College.

But I did enjoy this.

(via That’s Church)

Stairway To Seven Liveblog

7:30am: Wake up, go back to sleep.

9:00am: Wake up for real.

9:05am: Run through Twitter, shower, shave.

9:45am: Read Post-Gazette and RSS feed articles.

10:00am: Flip on tv for various pregame shows

10:30am: Om nom nom breakfast.

11:16am: ESPN begins the debate on Ben and points to the piano bar as evidence he hasn’t changed. Ditka thinks everyone else is being an idiot. I agree with Ditka.

11:18am: Find out Beninati will no longer announce VS. games. Jump for joy.

11:34 am:12:01pm: Switched to Network-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named expecting there to be a pregame show for Penguins-Capitals hockey. Nope, infomercial for King’s Speech. It’s Comcastic.

12:30pm: Infomercial ends, hate begins.

1:23pm: lol Talbot. You are so gone next season. 🙁

2:21pm: Is it superb owl yet?

3:02pm: Fox’s pregame show is horrible. Turned the TV off.

4:55pm: Terrible interview. Interrupting the president that much is a disgrace. This is why Faux News will never be respected.

5:37pm: Terry vs. Ben interview. meh.

6:22 pm: I am so winning the over on the national anthem length.

7:30pm: Xoom ad was terrible.

7:40pm: Super 8 looks good.

7:41pm: That bad feeling I had all weekend just got worse.

7:42pm: Switched to lucky tv. Comeback or bust.

7:50pm: Not that impressed with the Cap ad. Bad sign.

7:57pm: That’s more like it.

8:03pm: I’m going to have to do a blog post on the rise and fall of the History Channel.

8:42pm: Steelers are back in the game, but I think it’s too late for Ben to get himself back into MVP position. It’s probably going to be between Mendenhall, or whoever makes a winning play (TD catch or INT).

8:58pm: Possible momentum shift back towards Green Bay.

9:21pm: Luckily not, thanks to REFBALL™.

10:05pm: Ben lost the game and is now anti-clutch. Everyone has a sad. 🙁