Stairway To Seven Liveblog

7:30am: Wake up, go back to sleep.

9:00am: Wake up for real.

9:05am: Run through Twitter, shower, shave.

9:45am: Read Post-Gazette and RSS feed articles.

10:00am: Flip on tv for various pregame shows

10:30am: Om nom nom breakfast.

11:16am: ESPN begins the debate on Ben and points to the piano bar as evidence he hasn’t changed. Ditka thinks everyone else is being an idiot. I agree with Ditka.

11:18am: Find out Beninati will no longer announce VS. games. Jump for joy.

11:34 am:12:01pm: Switched to Network-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named expecting there to be a pregame show for Penguins-Capitals hockey. Nope, infomercial for King’s Speech. It’s Comcastic.

12:30pm: Infomercial ends, hate begins.

1:23pm: lol Talbot. You are so gone next season. 🙁

2:21pm: Is it superb owl yet?

3:02pm: Fox’s pregame show is horrible. Turned the TV off.

4:55pm: Terrible interview. Interrupting the president that much is a disgrace. This is why Faux News will never be respected.

5:37pm: Terry vs. Ben interview. meh.

6:22 pm: I am so winning the over on the national anthem length.

7:30pm: Xoom ad was terrible.

7:40pm: Super 8 looks good.

7:41pm: That bad feeling I had all weekend just got worse.

7:42pm: Switched to lucky tv. Comeback or bust.

7:50pm: Not that impressed with the Cap ad. Bad sign.

7:57pm: That’s more like it.

8:03pm: I’m going to have to do a blog post on the rise and fall of the History Channel.

8:42pm: Steelers are back in the game, but I think it’s too late for Ben to get himself back into MVP position. It’s probably going to be between Mendenhall, or whoever makes a winning play (TD catch or INT).

8:58pm: Possible momentum shift back towards Green Bay.

9:21pm: Luckily not, thanks to REFBALL™.

10:05pm: Ben lost the game and is now anti-clutch. Everyone has a sad. 🙁