Winter Classic 2011

Quick thoughts before going through photos:

On the atmosphere:

It was definitely worth going despite the loss. Great atmosphere, great vantage point, great seat (for me, as I was not getting rained on).

Even though I was stuck in a Caps section, the one dude next to me was pretty down to earth. Unfortunately the two idiots a row or two back that couldn’t stop their running commentary were not.

Rain and hockey don’t mix. I don’t see how the NHL takes risks on southern cities after this. I hope the DC classic gets completely wrecked.

On the game:

Ticket: $300. Program, Puck, and Food: $35. Ovie toepicking onto his face: priceless.

Also a ref fell on his back due to ice. Then a few seconds later, a single, loud, over the PA F#$% was heard. I hope that was the ref after falling on his mic button. Would just be perfect. Everyone was confused, but I laughed.